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A Message from Our Principal, Mr. Benny D'Aquila


Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear Jackson Parents,

Words cannot express how fortunate I have counted myself these last five years to serve as the principal at the George A. Jackson Elementary School.  It seems like only yesterday when the Jackson students, faculty, and parents first dazzled me with their positive attitudes, never-ending eagerness to persevere, and their enthusiasm for the ideals of fine education. Their dedication to learning in its purest form has helped surpass the already high expectations that I held when I first joined the Jackson community.  Every day I find myself beaming inside and out as I observe the children’s noteworthy growth as both students and individuals as a result of their own hard work and determination and their teachers’ and parents’ dedication and commitment.

As I advance further and further along this “trail,” I am met everywhere I look with students, faculty, and parents who share the common goal of growth through learning, team work, and perseverance.  Jackson has a unique community whose supportive environment and resources put its members at ease and ensure that no one is afraid to strive towards reaching his or her full potential.  The community unites in this shared aspiration and as a result works hard to ensure Jackson’s continued tradition of excellence. There is no greater satisfaction than watching each and every student thrive.  The high standards that we hold for everyone in our community provide goals to work towards and sources of pride time after time they are met.  I am so proud to be part of this wonderful Jackson family and look forward to witnessing the continued strengthening of the already tight community bonds that this school year will surely bring about.

I would like to share some information about my background.  I have an undergraduate degree from Queens College in Mathematics and Education and a graduate degree from the Columbia University School of Engineering.  After graduation, I worked as an engineer with AT&T Bell Laboratories. After working several years in industry, I decided to fulfill my passion for teaching.  I started teaching mathematics at Benjamin Cardozo High School.  I was the advisor for the DaVinci Mathematics Research Program and worked with students entering the prestigious national Westinghouse Competition.  I then pursued a degree in School Administration and worked as an Assistant Principal of Supervision at Queens Vocational and Technical High School and then at Bayside High School.  I served as the President of the New York City Interscholastic Mathematics League.  In addition, I worked at Queens College as an Adjunct Lecturer in the evening, teaching all levels of mathematics and also courses for students preparing to teach elementary school. 

I initially came to the Jericho School District as a Curriculum Associate for Mathematics and then I served as an Assistant Principal in the Middle School.  The broad range of my experiences, both as a teacher as well as a supervisor, enables me to see the connections between the different levels that comprise the academic spectrum.  I understand the importance of creating a rich elementary curriculum in order for students to be able to build upon this solid foundation as they advance academically.

At Jackson, we strive to encourage, inspire and challenge students to become active thinkers.  There is a proverb that says, “Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand.”  The Jackson goal is to continually involve students in order to open up their minds and arouse their intellectual curiosity.

Jackson offers a broad range of programs that foster intellectual achievement as well as social and emotional growth. Technology is integrated into every aspect of the curriculum through the ready availability of classroom computer networks, video, and wireless internet access. The school library offers outstanding resources as an online member of the Nassau BOCES Library Automation and Resource Sharing Service.

Students are involved in exciting field trips and a world language exploratory program. Numerous special events such as Parents as Reading Partners Week, Circus Week, and cultural arts presentations all enhance the Jackson experience for each student. The faculty is dedicated to the success of every student. There is extensive and ongoing staff training. With an active and supportive PTA, the lines of communication between students, teachers, and parents are always open.

Jackson is a school filled with diverse, spirited students and faculty working together to learn from one another.  This cooperation fosters a supportive environment and allows students to attain academic excellence and personal success.  One of our objectives is to incorporate this multiplicity of experiences in order to create a Jackson community of learners.  The partnership between an enthusiastic student body, a dedicated staff, and involved parents all make Jackson a uniquely special school.  The camaraderie formed at Jackson promises to last a life time.

I look forward to what is sure to be a thrilling and invigorating year as Jackson continues to uphold its reputation as a school of excellence.

With warmest regards,
Benny D’Aquila